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The Flood

The Flood (2019) Drama ,


Wendy, a hardened immigration officer is offered a high-profile asylum case, judged on her ability to quickly and clinically reject applicants. Through her interrogation, she must . . .  more

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Already Gone

Already Gone (2019) Drama ,


A lonely teenager runs away from home, bringing his abusive stepfather's girlfriend with him. . . .  more

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Driven (2019) Thriller ,Drama,


FBI informant Jim Hoffman lures troubled automobile magnate John DeLorean to an undercover sting for cocaine trafficking. . . .  more

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Pond Life

Pond Life (2019)


A group of young friends and neighbours come together for a fishing expedition after rumours spread of a giant carp in the area. In a world of broken families, cassette tapes and r . . .  more

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Vita & Virginia

Socialite Vita Sackville-West and literary icon Virginia Woolf run in different circles in 1920s London. Despite the odds, the magnetic Vita and the beguiling Virginia forge an unc . . .  more

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A Gift to Remember

After colliding with a pedestrian on her bicycle who loses his memory following the accident, Darcy Archer becomes determined to help the handsome guy figure out who he is. In the . . .  more

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Cinderella the Cat

Cenerentola struggles to escape the shadow and evil schemes of her stepmother and six stepsisters who all live aboard the Megaride, a ship stuck in the port of a decaying future Na . . .  more

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Cleek (2017) Thriller ,


Jacob Cleek is a quiet well presented artist, who keeps himself to himself. But Jacob has a secret, and when it starts to break to the surface, he must do what he can to stop his w . . .  more

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Killer Bees

A championship high school basketball team provides pride, tradition and hope for an African American community struggling to survive in the middle of one of the wealthiest communi . . .  more

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Marjorie Prime

A service which creates holographic projections of late family members allows an elderly woman to spend time with a younger version of her deceased husband. . . .  more

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A deep space mining vessel has been adrift for two years. It is suspected the crew brutally killed each other, but the reason for the bloodbath is unknown. A rescue crew is sent to . . .  more

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Temps (2016) Romance ,Comedy,


The comedy follows Jefferson, a ski-bum temp worker, whose singular joy comes from an annual excursion to the slopes with fellow slacker Curtis. But when Jefferson falls for Stepha . . .  more

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Dirty 30

Lifelong friends Kate (Mamrie Hart), Evie (Grace Helbig) and Charlie (Hannah Hart) are in a rut. Kate spends her days at a middling job and her nights alone or on failed dates. Evi . . .  more

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In Her Name

In 1982, Andr√© Bamberski learns about the death of his 14 year-old daughter, Kalinka, while she was on vacation with her mother and stepfather in Germany. Convinced that Kalinka‚Ä . . .  more

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Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki

3 years ago, the Academy Award-winning animated film director Hayao Miyazaki shocked the world when he announced his retirement at age 72. But his creative impulse never faded. Aft . . .  more

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Hoovey (2015) Family ,Drama,


HOOVEY is the true and inspiring story of the Elliott family, who refused to surrender, instead turning to one another and their faith in the worst of circumstances, to rebuild the . . .  more

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To Whom It May Concern

A beautiful and emotionally damaged bartender plans her death until she takes in a homeless neighbor. . . .  more

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Mr. Pig

Mr. Pig (2016) Drama ,


On a mission to sell his last remaining prize hog and reunite with old friends, an aging farmer abandons his foreclosed farm and journeys to Mexico. After smuggling in the hog, his . . .  more

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The Submarine Kid

When Spencer Koll, a United States Marine, returns home from a horrific wartime experience, his mundane reality leads him to gravitate towards a new and mysterious woman on her own . . .  more

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Newly arrived to a remote desert town, Catherine and Matthew are tormented by a suspicion when their two teenage children mysteriously vanish. . . .  more

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