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The Naked City

Barry Fitzgerald

Det. Lt. Dan Muldoon

Howard Duff

Frank Niles

Dorothy Hart

Ruth Morrison

Don Taylor

Det. Jimmy Halloran

Frank Conroy

Capt. Donahue

Ted de Corsia

Willie Garzah aka Willie the Harmonica

Anne Sargent

Mrs. Halloran

Tom Pedi

Det. Perelli

Enid Markey

Mrs. Edgar Hylton

Mark Hellinger

Narrator (voice)

Jules Dassin


Mark Hellinger


Miklós Rózsa


Frank Skinner


Short Details

The Naked City portrays the police investigation that follows the murder of a young model. A veteran cop is placed in charge of the case and he sets about, with the help of other beat cops and detectives, finding the girl's killer.

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