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Hobson's Choice

Charles Laughton

Henry Horatio Hobson

John Mills

Willie Mossop

Brenda De Banzie

Maggie Hobson

Daphne Anderson

Alice Hobson

Prunella Scales

Vicky Hobson

Richard Wattis

Albert Prosser

Helen Haye

Mrs. Hepworth

Julien Mitchell

Sam Minns

Gibb McLaughlin


Philip Stainton


Dorothy Gordon

Ada Figgins

John Laurie

Dr. McFarlane

Raymond Huntley

Nathaniel Beenstock

David Lean


David Lean


David Lean


Short Details

Henry Hobson owns and tyrannically runs a successful Victorian boot maker’s shop in Salford, England. A stingy widower with a weakness for overindulging in the local Moonraker Public House, he exploits his three daughters as cheap labour. When he declares that there will be ‘. . .

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