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La Strada

Anthony Quinn


Giulietta Masina


Richard Basehart

Il 'Matto'

Aldo Silvani

Il Signor Giraffa

Marcella Rovere

La Vedova

Lidia Venturini

La Suorina

Pietro Ceccarelli

Bartender (uncredited)

Goffredo Unger

Man Restraining Zampano from Attacking (un

Nazzareno Zamperla

Man Restraining Zampano from Attacking (un

Federico Fellini


Federico Fellini


Dino De Laurentiis


Carlo Ponti


Nino Rota


Short Details

When Gelsomina, a naïve young woman, is purchased from her impoverished mother by brutish circus strongman Zampanò to be his wife and partner, she loyally endures her husband's coldness and abuse as they travel the Italian countryside performing together. Soon Zampanò must dea. . .

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