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Orson Welles

Jonathan Wilk

Diane Varsi

Ruth Evans

Dean Stockwell

Judd Steiner

Bradford Dillman

Arthur A. Straus

E.G. Marshall

District Attorney Harold Horn

Martin Milner

Sid Brooks

Richard Anderson

Max Steiner

Robert F. Simon

Police Lt. Johnson

Robert Burton

Charles Straus

Wilton Graff

Mr. Steiner

Louise Lorimer

Mrs. Straus aka 'Mumsy'

Gavin MacLeod

Padua - Horn's Assistant

Edward Binns

Tom Daly

Colin Kenny

Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)

Richard Fleischer


Richard D. Zanuck


Short Details

Two close friends, arrogantly and without remorse, kidnap and murder a young boy. They are caught and put to trial where their larger-than-life defense lawyer blames the Establishment for their actions.

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