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Henry Fonda

The President

Walter Matthau

Prof. Groeteschele

Fritz Weaver

Col. Cascio

Larry Hagman


Frank Overton

Gen. Bogan

Edward Binns

Col. Jack Grady

Dan O'Herlihy

Brig. Gen. Warren A. Black

William Hansen

Defense Secretary Swenson

Russell Hardie

Gen. Stark

Janet Ward

Helen Grady

Dom DeLuise

TSgt. Collins

Russell Collins


Sorrell Booke

Congressman Raskob

Nancy Berg

Ilsa Wolfe

John Connell


Hildy Parks

Betty Black

Dana Elcar


Louise Larabee

Mrs. Cascio

Charles Tyner

Jet Fighter Pilot (voice) (uncredited)

Sidney Lumet


Sidney Lumet


Short Details

Because of a technical defect an American bomber team mistakenly orders the destruction of Moscow. The President of the United States has but little time to prevent an atomic catastrophe from occurring. Director Sidney Lumet gives an atmospheric vision of the future with a Cold W. . .

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