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The Battle Wizard

Danny Lee Sau-Yin

Prince Tuan Yu

Tanny Tien-Ni

Mu Wan-Ching / Hsiang Yao-cha

Lin Chen-Chi

Zhong Ling-erh

Shih Chung-Tien

Yellow Robe Man

Chiang Tao

Yue Canglong

Keung Hon

Sikong Xuan

Wai Wang

Emperor Tuan Zheng Ming

Si Wai

Prince Tuan Zhengchun

Gam Lau

Qin Hongmian

Teresa Ha Ping

Chief Zhong's wife

Hao Li-Jen

Tuan Yu's teacher

Norman Chu

Emperor's man

Huang Pei-Chih

Revenger after Xiang Yaocha/bandit

Yuen Shun-Yi

Imperial guard/Poisonous Moths Clan member

Tino Wong Cheung

Poisonous Moths Clan member

Corey Yuen

Poisonous Moths Clan member

Brandy Yuen

Poisonous Moths Clan member

Alan Chan Kwok-Kuen

Poisonous Moths Clan member

Yuen Wah

Poisonous Moths Clan member

Louis Cha


Ni Kuang


Pao Hsueh-Li


Chiang Hsing-Lung


Run Run Shaw


Frankie Chan Fan-Kei


Short Details

A brother who loves books and a sister who loves swords must face a yellow-robed warrior, the Red Python, a sinuous snake-charmer, and a silk-masked beauty (who must kill or wed the first man to see her face) before they can bring peace to their battle-addled family.

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