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Matthew Broderick

Jim McAllister

Reese Witherspoon

Tracy Enid Flick

Chris Klein

Paul Metzler

Jessica Campbell

Tammy Metzler

Mark Harelik

Dave Novotny

Phil Reeves

Walt Hendricks

Molly Hagan

Diane McAllister

Colleen Camp

Judith R. Flick

Frankie Ingrassia

Lisa Flanagan

Matt Malloy

Vice-Principal Ron Bell

Jeanine Jackson

Jo Metzler

Holmes Osborne

Dick Metzler

Nicholas D'Agosto

Larry Fouch

Alexander Payne


Alexander Payne


Wendy Chuck

Costume & Make-Up

David Gale


Tom Perrotta


Short Details

A high school teacher's personal life becomes complicated as he works with students during the school elections.

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