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Rahul Roy


Anu Aggarwal

Anu Verghese

Deepak Tijori


Avtar Gill

Police Inspector Deshpande

Tom Alter

Arnie Campbell

Reema Lagoo

Mrs. Vikram Roy

Anang Desai

Mr. Paul

Mushtaq Khan

Rafoo Master

Javed Khan

Uncle Peter

Mahesh Bhatt


Akash Khurana


Mukesh Bhatt


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Short Details

Rahul and Anu Verghese meet on the same day, while both are held by the police on charges of creating a disturbance, and running away respectively. They meet again, and love happens. Rahul helps Anu to be independent, and seek a job. Then Anu is discovered by a talent agent to be. . .

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