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Wesley Snipes

Monroe Hutchen

Ving Rhames

George 'Iceman' Chambers

Peter Falk

Mendy Ripstein

Michael Rooker

A.J. Mercker

Jon Seda

Jesus 'Chuy' Campos

Ken Medlock

Guard 1

Wes Studi

Mingo Pace

Fisher Stevens

James 'Ratbag' Kroycek

Dayton Callie

Yank Lewis

Amy Aquino

Darlene Early

Johnny Williams


Joe D'Angerio


Nils Allen Stewart

Vern Van Zant

Denis Arndt

Warden Lipscom

Ed Lover

Marvin Bonds

Master P

Gat Boyz Rapper 1

Michael Bailey Smith


Rose Rollins

Tawnee Rawlins

Silkk Tha Shocker

Gat Boyz Rapper 2

Walter Hill


Camille Friend


Short Details

Monroe Hutchens is the heavyweight champion of Sweetwater, a maximum security prison. He was convicted to a life sentence due to a passionate crime. Iceman Chambers is the heavyweight champion, who lost his title due to a rape conviction to ten years in Sweetwater. WHen these two. . .

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