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A Wednesday!

Anupam Kher

Prakash Rathod

Naseeruddin Shah

The Anonymous Caller

Jimmy Sheirgill

Arif Khan

Deepal Shaw

Naina Roy

Aamir Bashir

Jai Singh

Rohitash Gaud

Ikhlaque Ahmed

Vijay Bhatia

Mohammad Zaheer

Gaurav Kapoor

Ajay Khanna

Chetan Pandit

Chief Minister

Snehal Dabi

Sambhu (Electric Baba)

Aayam Mehta

Chief Minister's PA

Mukesh Bhatt

Khurshid Lala

Vicky Ahuja

RDX Supplier

Seema Malik


Paarth Apurva Mehrotra

Anuj (Hacker)

Alok Narula

Raj Sharma (Cameraman)

Veerendra Saxena


Bhagwan Tiwari


Rajendra Chawla

PA Assistant

Jitendra Kumar

Taxi Driver

Neeraj Pandey


Neeraj Pandey


Neeraj Pandey


Siddharth Roy Kapur


Short Details

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, the city that never sleeps, the city of dreams, fast paced and ever changing, home to Bollywood! A City of beauty but also a city that got scarred! A city whose foundation is slowly crumbling beneath its façade of invincibility! 'A Wednesd. . .

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