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High Kick Girl!

Rina Takeda

Kei Tsuchiya

Tatsuya Naka

Yoshiaki Matsumura

Sayaka Akimoto


Akihito Yagi


Ryûki Takahashi

Ryousuke Nakama

Shinji Suzuki


Masahiro Sudo


Kumi Imura

Yû Kamio

Kazutoshi Yokoyama

Richard Heselton

Destroyers Gang Member

Short Details

Martial arts purists -- not to mention fans of miniskirt-clad, high-kicking karate girls -- will welcome the tightly choreographed fight scenes and slow-motion scuffles in this film about a teenage karate phenom eager to take down her older peers. High schooler Kei Tsuchiya joins. . .

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