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Take Down

Jeremy Sumpter

Kyle Hartmann

Phoebe Tonkin

Amy Tilton

Sebastian Koch

Bobby Hartmann

Ed Westwick

Billy Speck

Dominic Sherwood

James Herrick

Anna-Louise Plowman

Emily Tilton Scofield

Simon Merrells

Jonathan Tilton Scofield

Martin McDougall

Drew Thornton

Hari Dhillon

Mark Bonnar

Robert Cavanah

Ashley Walters

Julia Ragnarsson

Elliot Knight

Max Deacon

Yƻho Yamashita

Tracy Ifeachor

Rory Keenan

Caroline Maria Winberg

Liam McMahon

Stewart Scudamore

Christianne Oliveira

Stuart McQuarrie

Anna Wilson-Jones

Sara Stewart

Susannah Wise

Short Details

Sons and daughters of international billionaires are sent to an boot camp where they are taught basic survival skills in hopes it will teach them responsibility. When they are taken hostage and taken for ransom by kidnappers, they will need to utilize every skill they learned to . . .

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