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Daniel MacPherson

Whit Carmichael

Grace Huang

Claire Grenich

Luke Hemsworth

Morgan Jacklar

Bren Foster

Morgan Jacklar

Luke Ford

Chester Huntington

Dwaine Stevenson

Rex Mannings

Louisa Mignone

Philipa Boxen

Tess Haubrich

Lisa Carmichael

Harry Pavlidis

Harris Menzies

Kevin Copeland

Seet Johanson

Andy Rodoreda

Sefton Norick

Paul Winchester

David Ponter

Brendan Clearkin

Depot Sergeant Hackford

Matt Minto


Dean Kyrwood


Goran D. Kleut

Membrane Whit

Denai Gracie

Tech A

Aileen Beale

Tech D

Matt Rudduck

Tech F

Laura Beverley

Tech H

Emily J. Stewart

Science Officer 1

Kathy Luu

Science Officer 2

Belinda Gosbee

Science Officer 4

Kate Ryerson

Technician 3

Katrina Papadopoulos

Space Soldier

Louise Dodge

Squad Soldier

Gemma Laurelle

Squad 28 Soldier

Michele-Antonio Mattiuzzi

West Coast Soldier

Eric Gable

West Coast Announcer

Richard Huggett


Matthew Graham


Short Details

A search and rescue team are transported through deep space to a distant mining colony to save the sole survivor of a biological outbreak. During their mission, they find a lethal weapon which is set to arrive on Earth within the hour.

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