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The Bronze

Melissa Rauch

Hope Annabelle Greggory

Gary Cole

Stan Greggory

Haley Lu Richardson

Maggie Townsend

Thomas Middleditch

Ben Lawfort

Sebastian Stan

Lance Tucker

Cecily Strong

Janice Townsend

Dale Raoul


Craig Kilborn

Heath Parker

Dominique Dawes

Dominique Dawes

Olga Korbut

Olga Korbut

Dominique Moceanu

Dominique Moceanu

Barak Hardley


Michael Shamus Wiles


Ellery Sprayberry

Teenage Hope

Kathryn Ding


Melissa Rauch


Bryan Buckley


Short Details

In 2004, Hope Ann Greggory became an American hero after winning the bronze medal for the women's gymnastics team. Today, she's still living in her small hometown, washed-up and embittered. Stuck in the past, Hope must reassess her life when a promising young gymnast threatens he. . .

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