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Love, Lies

Han Hyo-joo

Jung So-Yool

Chun Woo-hee

Seo Yeon-Hee

Yoo Yeon-seok

Kim Yoon-Woo

Park Sung-woong

Police Chief

Jang Young-nam


Lee Han-wi


Ryu Hye-young

Kim Ok-Hyang

Kim Soo-an

Jung So-Yool (young)

Cha Ji-yeon

Lee Nan-Young

Keum Sae-rok

Park Heung-sik


Jeon Yun-su


Kim Byung-seo


Short Details

Two best friends, So-yool and Yeon-hee, dream of becoming the top artists in Seoul together. But their friendship doesn't last long as Yoon-woo, So-yool's first love and songwriter, falls in love with Yeon-hee and her voice. So-yool's feeling of jealousy and inferiority towards Y. . .

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