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Shock and Awe

James Marsden

Warren Strobel

Woody Harrelson

Jonathan Landay

Rob Reiner

John Walcott

Jessica Biel

Lisa Mayr

Milla Jovovich

Vlatka Landay

Tommy Lee Jones

Joe Galloway

Richard Schiff

The Usual

Teri Wyble


Al Sapienza


Wayne Pére

Intelligence Source

Steve Coulter

Looney Tunes

Terence Rosemore

Mr. Green

Margo Moorer

Mrs. Green

Michael Harding


Kate Butler

Nancy Walcott

Gabe White

Mitch Strobel

Gretchen Koerner


Marcus Lyle Brown

Intelligence Official

Anthony Reynolds

Middle East Expert

Han Soto

Nuclear Weapons Expert

Jay Seals

Senate Aide

Carl Palmer

Senate Chairman

Michael Harrity

State Department Staffer

Jack Topalian

Ahmed Chalabi

Ned Yousef

Entifadh Qanbar

Stephanie Honoré

Clueless Journalist

Ariadne Joseph

Eager Journalist

J. Omar Castro

Intelligent Entertainment Journalist

Ava Knighten Santana

Young Entertainment Journalist

Devyn A. Tyler

Reporter #1

Preston James Hillier

Reporter #2

Tony Bentley

Paul Smucker

Terry Dale Parks


Ameer Baraka

Middle-Aged Reporter

William Curtis Coppersmith

Drill Sergeant #1

Elisa Gabrielli

Loose Nukes (voice)

Jack Blessing

Man on Phone (voice)

Rob Reiner


Rob Reiner


Jane Jenkins


Short Details

A group of journalists covering George Bush's planned invasion of Iraq in 2003 are skeptical of the presidents claim that Saddam Hussein has "weapons of mass destruction."

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