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The Son of Bigfoot

Cinda Adams

Secretary / Waitress (voice)

Jeff Doucette

Fat Dan / Tim / Tech Support Operator (voi

Terrence Stone

Wallace Eastman (voice)

Joe J. Thomas

Steve / PA System (voice)

Kirk Thornton

Japanese Man #1 (voice)

Joey Camen

Principal Jones (voice)

Sandy Fox

Tina (voice)

Lex Lang

Japanese Man #3 (voice)

Yuri Lowenthal

Tony/Japanese Man #2 (voice)

Tara Platt

Katrina (voice)

Roger Craig Smith

White Rabbit (voice)

Marieve Herington

Shelly (voice)

Debi Derryberry

Loop Group (voice)

Terri Douglas

Loop Group (voice)

Jessica Gee-George

Loop Group (voice)

Ben Stassen


Short Details

Teenage outsider Adam sets out on an epic and daring quest to uncover the mystery behind his long-lost dad, only to find out that he is none other than the legendary Bigfoot! He has been hiding deep in the forest for years to protect himself and his family from HairCo., a giant c. . .

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