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Steel Rain

Jung Woo-sung

Eom Cheol-woo

Kwak Do-won

Kwak Cheol-woo

Kim Kap-soo

Ri Tae-Han

Kim Eui-sung

President Lee

Lee Kyung-young

Kim Kyeong-yeong

Jang Hyun-sung

Jeong Se-yeong

Jo Woo-jin

Choi Myung-Rok

Kim Myung-gon

Teacher Ri

Park Eun-hye

Kwon Sook-Jung

Kim Ji-ho

Choi Soo-hyeon (Special Appearence)

Ahn Mi-Na

Song Soo-Mi

Won Jin-A

Ryeo Min-Kyung

Park Sun-young

Kang Ji-Hye

Go Na-Hee

Eom In-Young

Jung Won-joong

Park Byeong-jin

Lee Jae-yong

Park Gwang-dong

Kim Han-min

Captain of the Japanese warship

Yang Woo-seok


Yang Woo-seok


Cho Sang-kyung

Costume & Make-Up

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Short Details

A former agent from the North Korean intelligence and a senior member of the South Korean security services conduct a secret mission to prevent the breakout of a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula.

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